Case Study

Oi: Making Complex Marketing Simpler and More Effective

Oi streamlines complex marketing | 3:14

The Business Issue

With the largest telecom network in Brazil, Oi provides mobile, landline, broadband, and paid TV services to more than 70 million customers. But several fragmented CRM systems left agents struggling to choose among 20,000 possible offers – leading to reduced loyalty and shrinking retention revenue.

The Solution

Oi used Pega Marketing to create one unified, efficient system across 22 operations, 9,000 call center agents, and 1,000 stores, complete with AI-powered next best actions that guide an agent to make the right offer at the right time.

The Results

  • 5 million+ transactions handled in the first year alone
  • 38% increase in conversion rates and a 12% increase in revenue per user
  • Improved efficiencies and savings of hundreds of millions of dollars
  • Communications Service Providers
  • Marketing

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