PegaWorld 2019: Tata Consultancy Services leading NextGen transformations through Machine First™ approach

Gopinath Munusamy,

In this age of digital disruption, many organizations are looking to reinvent their business processes with automation and artificial intelligence to help them adapt to market changes faster, better utilize their employee and partner ecosystems, and drive greater business outcomes for their customers. Enterprises benefit from the winning combination of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Pega to help them reach these achievements.

As the Diamond Sponsor for PegaWorld 2019, we are excited to share stories and innovative solutions that demonstrate how Pega can be leveraged to solve business challenges.

Attend the Worldpay - TCS session, June 4, 1:30PM to 2:15PM, Chairman's Ballroom 355

Don’t miss Worldpay’s presentation “Worldpay - A Digital Transformation Journey to Accelerate and Automate Dispute Processing.” Worldpay’s journey with Pega exemplifies how automated case management simplified the dispute and chargeback processes for 1,000+ happy financial institutions. Learn about their digital transformation journey of managing card network complexity and compliance issues. Built on Pega, this integrated, collaborative system is poised to change the payment processing industry with decreased dispute lifecycle, increased cardholder satisfaction, and enhanced revenue growth.

Experience Innovation in Real-time

Visit TCS booth #3 to see and feel how TCS’ automation and artificial intelligence (AI) experience, paired with Pega components, simplifies and accelerates your processes efficiently:

  • Streamline insurance claim processing: Applying Pega's Intelligent Virtual Assistant with image recognition and intelligent processes automates the steps from examination to claim approval.
  • Expedite account opening processes with Blockchain: Simplifying client onboarding and improving bank efficiencies with a secure and authorized due diligence process using Pega's CLM framework integrated with Ethereum Blockchain technology.
  • Process more warranty claims faster: Enabling agents to manage parts repair/replacement claims quickly by simplifying the process with Pega’s Warranty framework and AI for image recognition.
  • Automate marketing offer generation: Capturing, analyzing, and segmenting real-time customer data from social media with Pega Marketing to create highly-personalized offers that convert.

Machine First Approach for the Enterprise

TCS is unique in that we bring a Machine First™ approach to help enterprises augment human capability with automation and artificial intelligence. It’s based on the principle that technology has the first right of refusal to sense, understand, decide, and act.

Our vehicle to execute the machine first strategy is the Machine First Delivery Model (MFDM), which can be integrated with many Pega components throughout its stages:

  • Sense with inputs of structured and unstructured data, including IoT data using Pega Decision Hub, Pega Machine Health; images and videos using Pega OCR or capturing inputs from social media using out-of-the-box Twitter/Facebook API.
  • Understand by applying AI techniques and analytics methods to interpret the data leveraging Customer Decision Hub and Decision Strategy Manager.
  • Decide on next course of action and required workflows for approvals (as needed) using Pega’s ability to support next-best-action approach.
  • Respond with executing the determined action by orchestrating the rest of enterprise landscape, leveraging platform capabilities of Pega Infinity.
  • Learn using algorithms, data patterns, and human inputs – including Pega Next Best Moment, Prediction Studio, and Intelligent Virtual Assistant on context and exceptions to improve Sense-Understand-Decide-Respond actions.

Stop by our booth to learn more and experience how MDFM is being leveraged using Pega components in real time.

TCS-Pega: Delivering Award-winning Solutions

TCS is a Global Strategic Alliance partner of Pega with more than 2,600 associates located across North America, Europe, APAC, India, and the Middle East. Over the past 18 years, we executed large, complex, and multi-geo transformational projects across some of the largest names in various industries, such as Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Healthcare, Aviation, and Energy. Built on Pega, our solutions solve many business challenges including:

  • Streamlining dispute management system for credit cards for a large North American bank.
  • Delivering real-time marketing offers and targeted, contextual campaigns to customers of a large UK-based telecom service provider.
  • Improving services for a large power company in SE Asia.

To highlight our continuing partnership and trust in our ability to deliver digital transformation projects, Pega has awarded TCS with the Market Development’ Award (2012), Partner Excellence Award (2013), Business Transformation in Communications (2015), Best Transformation Project (2016), Advanced Practice Development (2017), and Partner Excellence in Thought Leadership: Agile Enterprise (Digital Process Automation (2018).

TCS executes Pega projects through process improvement practices such as Scrum-based, Waterfall, and Hybrid, and aligns to Pega BPM Methodologies using Pega differential features like Direct Capture of Objectives during requirement gathering and Situational Layer Cake Architecture for multi-geo deployment of applications.

TCS established Pega Labs in Cincinnati, U.S., and Hyderabad, India, to enable customers to experience a simulation of application performance in production and learn about Pega features used in development. Our Pega practice includes offerings around robotic process automation, business process and decision management systems, conversational systems (chatbots/virtual agents), natural language processing, machine learning, and AI-led solutions.

We are excited to partner with Pega in building intelligent enterprises and look forward to more engagements and collaborations in the years to come.

Learn more:

  • Visit our PegaWorld showcase page and discover how TCS is transforming business models, accelerating business growth, and embedding intelligence with every step forward.
  • Read our Enterprise Insights Blog to learn how TCS is providing IT-enabled business transformation for the world’s best companies.
  • Learn more about how TCS and Pega are working collaboratively to provide expertise and insights that solve business challenges.


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About the Author

Gopinath Munusamy is the Practice Head for TCS’ Pega partnership in North America. As part of TCS Intelligent Process Automation Services and TCS Enterprise Intelligent Automation & Artificial Intelligence group, his focus is managing large, complex engagements that include positioning, revenue, solutions, delivery, and competency. With more than 18 years of diversified IT project management experience, including extensive experience digitizing and automating business processes for multinational enterprises, Gopinath helps clients achieve successful transformations with an outcomes-driven approach.