Pega honors digital visionaries at PegaWorld 2019

Lauren Shiraka,

Every revolution calls for leaders who can drive transformational change. At Pega, we call them DX Heroes™

Who are these heroes, exactly? They’re digital visionaries. Organizational boundary breakers. Champions for human outcomes. They rally people up, down, and across enterprises. Move others away from legacy systems and legacy thinking. And unite the right teams and technology to create radically new ways of working and engaging. 

Pretty incredible, right? We think so, too, which is why we created a new client recognition program to celebrate these heroes and all they make possible. Named the Pega DX Hero Awards, the program honors real digital leaders and the real challenges, breakthroughs, and triumphs they experience on the path to digital transformation (DX). 

“We hear a lot of industry noise about digital transformation. However, the individuals recognized in this year’s Pega DX Hero awards program are creating real change within their organizations by solving some of the toughest business challenges brands face today,” says Alan Trefler, Pega founder and CEO. “We congratulate this year’s inaugural group of Pega DX Heroes on their tremendous work and are honored to be a part of their journeys.”

This year’s heroes successfully partnered with Pega to turn bold ideas into powerful solutions that solve business, customer, and employee challenges. The digital visionaries paving the way forward with Pega include:

  • Phil Andrew, CEO, StepChange
  • Mario Bocca, CIO, Unipol Group
  • Rhonda Eller, program manager, Nissan
  • Vaishal Gariwala, head of IT – Lending, ING
  • Duncan MacDonald, CIO, Liberty Global
  • Shally Pannikode senior vice president, chief information and digital officer, Wellstar 
  • Moshe Pridan, senior vice president, business solutions management, SiriusXM
  • Robert Skinner, vice president, digital strategy & marketing technologies, FordDirect

Our winners, formally recognized on the PegaWorld 2019 mainstage, were selected based on how well they demonstrated these characteristics during a DX initiative with Pega:

  • Vision: As natural innovators, DX Heroes possess the technological vision and analytical prowess to distill complex information into actionable insights.
  • Organizational change: DX Heroes seek opportunities to reshape the workforce and build the alignment necessary to deliver transformation. 
  • Collaboration: Strong communicators and passionate collaborators, DX Heroes tear down divides between business and IT using new technology as well as organizational and process redesign.
  • Empathy: Human outcomes motivate DX Heroes. They deeply empathize with their customers’ and employees’ needs and always strive to do what’s best for others – not just the bottom line. 

We’re thankful to be part of each Pega DX Hero’s journey, and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish next. Visit our website to learn more about each hero’s unique story of digital transformation.

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