Empowering Pega’s people to take charge

Empowering Pega’s people to take charge

Today is the last day of October, bringing Pega’s Career Empowerment Month to a close. As a company, our teams are constantly working to change the way the world builds software while improving outcomes for our global clients – an ambitious goal we take very seriously. This is why we purposely select one month to focus on activities that encourage our people to reflect on their career goals and personal empowerment. As part of our career program, Pega sponsors activities to help each person discover their unique strengths, identify interests, foster productive career-focused conversations, and plan the best way to integrate personal and professional development into their workspace.

Career empowerment at Pega gives employees the tools to own their development, design individualized career paths, and find ways to learn and grow every day through activities like:

  • Career labs that connect employees with career advisors to explore different career paths.
  • Career workshops that help individuals identify personal interests and strengths.
  • Employee discussion panels to share personal career stories and advice on finding and embracing new opportunities.
  • Manager training on how to incorporate development into employees’ roles.
  • Email with helpful tips on topics like how to start a conversation with your manager about expanding your role.
  • A social platform for sharing your best career advice.

Approximately half of Pega’s 4,500+ global workforce were actively engaged in these programs. As Pega’s new Chief People Officer, it was great to see the enthusiasm of employees taking part in these in-house career roundtables, workshops, and networking opportunities, and I’m thrilled about the awareness generated by putting career development in the forefront of our company activities this past month. More than once I heard the phrase, “In light of career empowerment month…” begin a conversation that led to a discussion about opportunities, personal development, challenges, and advice.

As a mom, people manager, and leader, I believe in the importance of empowerment. Feeling empowered is proven to be beneficial in multiple ways, with positive impact on our health, our personal and professional relationships, how we approach our jobs, and our life overall. We can all benefit from taking ownership of our own empowerment.

Similarly important is finding ways to empower each other. We all have something to give – a kind word, advice, a nice note, or even just a smile. The act of giving, and the ability to give freely, empowers team members to take initiative and be fully engaged. Feeling empowered increasingly impacts how/what we do at work, at home, and in our communities.

So, even though today is the last day of Pega’s empowerment-focused month, each individual’s professional growth continues. We all look forward to using the next 11 months to be more intentional about both self-empowerment and empowering each other. By doing this, we’ll all have a positive impact on our surrounding team members, and, more broadly, the culture of our greater local and global communities.

We’re on a mission to connect, engage, and empower people. Visit Careers at Pega for a full listing of available opportunities around the globe, and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Glassdoor. Plus, check out how our global team members engage in #LifeAtPega.


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