BPM Go Live: Embracing BPM to Drive Efficiency

The client needed a solution to manage extremely complex trading and non-trading agreements for their corporate client base across multiple organizational groups and geographies in a robust and auditable fashion.  These agreements needed to be processed in a timely manner, through credit, legal and settlement departments, with users in multiple geographic locations.  The client turned to Pega to deliver a solution that Pega to deliver a system that supported these critical business processes in a way that created visibility and managed risk. The new system dramatically improved user efficiency, increased awareness of work in progress and provided a secure implementation allowing wider use across their international operations.  In particular, the new system manages users and their access to address a crucial requirement; the need to prevent unauthorized changes to sensitive sections of the agreements.  This solution was a significant improvement over the client’s previous system, and they are very proud and positive with the outcome.  The client has embraced the benefits that a BPM solution can have within their organization, and are currently evaluating other areas where BPM can add greater efficiency and agility to the company’s operations.