Advance Look: Financial Services – forge lasting customer relationships and accelerate digital transformation

Advance Look: Financial Services – forge lasting customer relationships and accelerate digital transformation

As the speed of change accelerates, innovative technology will be at the heart of your efforts to create a new type of bank. In 2018, financial institutions around the globe are making big bets on robotics, AI, no-code software and the cloud – to name a few – that will power digital transformation. Standing still really means falling behind. Take charge of change by attending one of our financial services sessions and learn from organizations who are succeeding at digital transformation.

Then head to the Tech Pavilion to test-drive technology designed specifically to deliver personalized customer service, help automate regulatory requirements, and streamline operations.

Check out some of this year’s sessions, below, and find more details on our PegaWorld 2018 Agenda page.

Keynote session

The customer holds the remote control. Get used to it.
Saul Van Beurden, Managing Director of Global Technology for JPMorgan Chase, and Martijn Gribnau, Chief Transformation Officer from Genworth Financial, team up to provide their collective insights and experiences on why it’s time to retire the primitive tools and technology from the ancient past. The rules of the game changed long ago. We live in an era where businesses compete on delivering the best customer experience; not product. Saul and Martijn will provide a transparent look at their digital transformation journey in a world where the customer is completely in charge and IT "means" business. Learn why organizations need to stop thinking outside the box and begin building a new box to drive strategic change. Hear candidly about what works, and listen to insight on what not to do as you strive to balance customer expectations with internal automation.

AI powered customer experience at CBA
Customers are at the center of Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s (CBA) vision to secure and enhance the financial wellbeing of people, businesses and communities. Andrew McMullan, Head of Customer Decisioning, explains how, in their quest to continually improve the customer experience, CBA invested in a Customer Engagement Engine (CEE), an AI powered customer decisioning layer that delivers the next best conversation for customers across all frontline and digital channels. CBA continues to raise the bar for their customers by having timely and relevant conversations to understand their customer’s current needs and future goals, connecting AI directly with those in customer-facing roles and orchestrating a connected conversation across all customer interactions. By focusing on understanding their customers’ experiences, the results to date have exceeded all expectations across all channels.

Case study sessions

Macquarie takes a cloud-first approach to drive organization-wide agility: To realize the customer benefits of Macquarie’s investments in real-time banking and mobile banking services, the Bank needed to drive digital transformation across the business, from product origination to settlement to collections. The goal: Deliver “extreme personalization” through agile adaptation and innovation, organization-wide. Tony Graham, Head of Product and Technology, tells how Macquarie – an adopter of the Pega platform & Strategic Applications (Collections for FS) – took a "cloud-first" approach. An effort that enables it to offer banking "as a service" capabilities to intermediary partners and banking customers, and drive first-to-market initiatives that scale for rapid growth – all while maintaining 100 percent SLA uptime.

OCBC reimagines customer engagement: OCBC is obsessed with elevating the customer experience. Kartik Narayan, Vice President of Business Transformation; Arvin Gupta, Vice President of Sales & Service Transformation; and Sobhan Arikatla, Assistant Vice President, explain how the Bank's Pega applications, built with a strong UX foundation, are essential in establishing deep customer engagement, minimizing customer wait/hold times, and delivering high ROI. Join this session to learn how OCBC delivers clear and concise content, efficiency, speed, and quality across sales, onboarding, and customer service -- all without compromise.

Fifth Third Bank redefines the future of marketing, now: Fifth Third Bank has a vision: redefine the future of marketing – now – in order to effectively meet ever-evolving customer needs. Ashley Wyant, Vice President at Fifth Third Bank for Decision Platform and Analytics, and Jason Salzman, Senior Consultant for Merkle Comet describe how the bank is making their vision a reality by partnering with Pega to expand inbound marketing activities and transition outbound marketing capabilities. Learn how the Bank can now seamlessly engage with customers through any channel -- whether online or in person -- to deliver a consistent customer experience -- all powered by Pega's unique decisioning engine.

Santander UK brings 1:1 personalized customer engagement to life: According to Santander UK’s Jesus Villanueva, Head of CRM Transformation, and Rachel Baynes, Head of Marketing Communications, the Santander Way is clear: Keep it simple, personal, and fair – always. Santander's key ingredient to delivering on these principles: Pega's marketing solution. Join this session to learn how Santander uses a sophisticated 1:1 customer-centric engagement model. The discussion will highlight where Santander is in the customer journey today, the roadmap and implementation strategy, and why the Bank ultimately chose Pega to lead the way to amplify customer satisfaction with every touch.

Rabobank AU-NZ drives digital transformation – across business lines and countries – via a unified CRM strategy: Rabobank is on mission: To consolidate systems across four lines of business and two countries through a single, unified CRM platform for marketing, sales automation, onboarding and customer service. Andrew Vickers, Chief Operating Officer, shows how with Pega technology at the core, Rabobank is notably enhancing the customer experience, reducing IT costs, simplifying business processes, and increasing revenue.

How-To sessions

PayPal delivers world class customer service, worldwide: Ramki Rosanuru, Senior Engineering Manager of PayPal’s Center of Excellence, and Greg Gates, Vice President of Enterprise Operations Engineering, explain why PayPal chose Pega as their strategic platform to build next-generation customer service applications to deliver world-class customer service across the globe. In this session, learn how Pega helped PayPal be agile, integrate with diverse technologies, maximize an existing infrastructure with proprietary frameworks, and integrate Pega into the PayPal ecosystem.

ING’s global front-to-back office transformation with Pega KYC and Pega CLM: ING had a major challenge to comply with the ever-changing Know Your Customer regulations across multiple lines of business and countries: Retail, Private Banking and Business Banking. The organization needed a whole new KYC solution with front to back office onboarding, and was able to go-live within 6 months to end users. In this session, IT Chapter Leaders Harry Van de Witte and Saurabh Joshi, share how ING, with Pega, successfully implemented the Pega KYC solution and their global roll-out strategy. The discussion will cover how ING deployed the solution to meet customer risk targets, and were able to deploy once per month since their first go-live.

DLL Finance implements Scrum/Agile methods to maximize customer satisfaction: Organizations are still slow to adopt Agile/Scrum practices even though these methods drive significantly better outcomes than most project management methodologies. In this “Spark Talk,” DLL Finance shares its experience implementing a Scrum environment, using Pega, to develop iterative solutions to markedly increase customer satisfaction. This session teaches how to empower teams, obtain organizational leadership support, and illustrates how clear framework mapping can lead to successful Scrum adoption.

Special interest group meet up

Network with your peers in global banking as we discuss tech trends in financial services. Mix and mingle with like-minded global banking leaders who are experiencing the same challenges. You’ll learn from the best global Pega practitioners as we announce our customer award winners who have driven digital transformation and achieved staggering business results. In addition to all that amazing networking, we will highlight our perspectives on industry trends in banking and how to maximize your time at PegaWorld. Come join us to share ideas, capture best practices, and uncover new ways to disrupt.

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