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Customer Case Studies


世界の 3000 社の顧客企業が Pega を活用して営業、マーケティング、顧客サービス、および業務を変革しています。

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Air Force Research Lab improves data quality for empowered decision-making.
Delivering a modern, unified case management system
FBI modernizes to address firearm legislation and purchase volumes.
IP Australia: Transforming operations and customer service
Reinventing and streamlining a massive claims process
New Jersey Courts leads the way in criminal justice reform.
New South Wales:州内の交通管理の合理化
A seamless enterprise solution for complaint management
Texas Department of Transportation
Texas DOTは、レガシーシステムをより迅速かつ効果的に変貌させています。
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Census Bureau reduces complexity and significantly increases savings.
Creating a Single Interface for Delivering Conservation