Case Study

Dell EMC: Using decisioning to power transformation at work

  • Eliminated case “cherry picking”

  • Instituted swarming - increasing collaboration on resolving complex issues

  • Changes to routing decisions made in less than 24 hours

"Pega allows our best agents to get off mundane tasks and focus on value added services. Our most skilled resources are solving our most complex cases."

Vishwadeep Chawla Sr. Manager – Service Strategy, Dell EMC

The Business Issue

Dell EMC employs 30,000 full-time support agents located across 52 countries. Despite the size of this workforce, the company did not have an efficient process to connect customers to the right agent. Service requests were routed to queues where agents were able to pick and choose which cases they worked, resulting in the following issues:

  • Agents were avoiding complex cases
  • Agents’ skills and skill levels were not considered – meaning customers were not being connected to agents with the appropriate levels of expertise
  • Dell EMC had to institute significant manual oversight to ensure all transactions were assigned and SLAs were met

In addition, because the queue system was built on legacy technology, Dell EMC faced the risk of not being able to scale up customer service needs in the future.

The Solution

Dell EMC uses Pega Customer Service and the Customer Decision Hub to drive their “Intelligent Routing” program – allowing them to transform from “Reactive and Transactional Service” to “Proactive and Predictive Solutions Support.”

Whenever Dell EMC receives a new service request, from any channel (web, call center, social, etc.) it gets intelligently routed to agents based on their availability and skill set – allowing them to optimize each interaction for their customer.

Pega’s out-of-the-box features allowed Dell EMC to move quickly with deployment—building a proof of concept in two months and adding an additional business unit to the routing program every two weeks after a pilot period.

The Results

With Pega, Dell EMC’s agents are more productive and have significantly improved the customer experience.

  • 98% Intelligently Routed Cases met SLA
  • 16.5% Increase in Completed Cases per Day
  • Solution built in 10 months

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