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Start, scale, and succeed at RPA: Have your cake and eat it too

Session #2

  • April 24, 2019
  • 10:00 - 10:30 AM EDT

Succeeding at RPA may seem like having your digital transformation cake – and eating it, too. But standalone automation projects fail. According to EY, 30% to 50% of deployments never get off the ground. Deloitte says only 3% of deployments reach scale. And many cite slow implementation speed and a huge gap between goals and outcomes.

RPA on its own isn’t transformational. It’s just one slice of a larger strategy. Get your tactical RPA to scale, fast, then accelerate to strategic implementation, even faster. Join us to learn:

  • How RPA – combined with case management, low-code development, and artificial intelligence (AI) – is a key part of the growing digital process automation (DPA) movement
  • Why DPA ensures operational excellence and achieves real transformation
  • How to design automations that impact all points – front, back, and middle office – of customer experience
  • Untangling the mess of RPA, DPA, AI, and machine learning to get to the truth about the trends that matter



Francis Carden

VP, Robotics and Transformation, Pegasystems

Francis Carden is one of the original founders of OpenSpan, a robotic automation and workforce intelligence company acquired by Pega in 2016. Francis is an active industry speaker and guest columnist, providing expertise in how to leverage automation to drive human capital optimization and enterprise transformation in the customer-facing areas of enterprise.

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Nolan Greene

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Robotics, Pegasystems

Nolan Greene is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for robotics, focusing on go-to-market vision and strategy for digital process automation, robotic automation, and workforce intelligence. A former industry analyst, he brings over 6 years of digital transformation expertise to Pega.

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