PegaWorld 2018: The Customer Holds the Remote Control. Get Used to It. (Video)

It is time to retire the primitive tools and technology from the ancient past. The rules of the game have changed long ago. We live in an era where businesses compete on delivering the best customer experience; not product. In this keynote, Martijn Gribnau, Chief Transformation Officer at Genworth Financial teams up with Saul Van Beurden, Managing Director of Global Technology at JPMorgan Chase, to provide their collective insights and experiences of this new paradigm shift. Together, they provide a transparent look at their digital transformation journey in a world where the customer is completely in charge and IT "means" business. Learn why organizations need to stop thinking outside the box and begin building a new box to drive strategic change. They’ll candidly share their successes while providing insight on what not to do as you strive to balance customer expectations with internal automation.


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