Pegaworld 2016: User Experience: Whose Job Is It Anyway? (Video)

"Pega has become a core technology in supporting our corporate strategy; I guess it was quite a journey ... we decided we needed more of what we call the airline interaction platform. That has an analytics capability, that has BPM capability, and CRM capability ... our relatively small organization can't support multiple technologies, so we decided to go for one system. In the end, Pega proved to answer those capabilities & the ability to quickly implement and leverage value from the start; Pega reflected how all the multiple user groups, for example, in operations control center, a baggage handler or a gate agent at the same time could work on the same case."

    - Wolter van Haermsa Buma, Head of Strategy & Development, Transavia

User Experience remains a topic of debate as organizations struggle to define its role within the enterprise, develop an effective engagement model/process for the various constituents, and ultimately, determine who is accountable. Come join us as we explore this topic and hear the different journeys that Pega and our customers have gone through to infuse user experience and the discipline of design thinking throughout the enterprise and how we approach problem solving and learn best practices on constituent engagement models to drive business impacts.


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