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Vince Jeffs,

Buzzwords and technology go together like peanut butter and jelly. This year’s winner again; AI. But what’s behind the hype? How can your organization capitalize using AI? As AI evolves and is implemented across industries, there is a need to understand its risks, rewards, and best practices to truly help your customers. Join us at our flagship event, PegaWorld, to get real-world insights on the current and future state of AI from industry leaders, researchers, and engineers who are developing and deploying this powerful technology every day.

Current state of AI in customer engagement

Used correctly, AI creates more opportunities to build brand loyalty and enhance and nurture your customer relationships, differentiating yourself from your competitors. Real-time predictive and adaptive analytics, for example, are being used to serve up relevant recommendations to customers, guide them in call-center interactions, and route them intelligently and swiftly in self-service. Its uses are not limited by industry or application – only by imagination and a sense of responsible application. At PegaWorld, soak in the real benefits of AI by learning from the experts who have implemented AI successfully into their organizations to improve customer engagement.

Future of AI-based technologies

Pega’s Vice President of Decision Management and Analytics, Dr. Rob Walker, has been discussing the powerful benefits of AI, the need for transparency, and the role empathy should play in its roadmap. In addition to capabilities that let consumers understand the algorithms behind how or why a decision was made, Rob challenges the industry to consider whether a decision “should” be made. Should a bank offer a loan to a person who can’t pay it off? Should an insurance company offer additional insurance to someone who doesn’t really need it? Tackling questions like these requires organizations to define a new set of ethical and economic policies and to implement responsible systems that can govern and explain their decisions. Hear from Rob on why taking this approach benefits consumers and companies in the long run. Join us for Rob’s engaging keynote on how AI is evolving for business.

Steps your organization can take today to leverage AI capabilities

Jump into 100,000 square feet of technology awesomeness at PegaWorld’s Tech Pavilion where you will dive elbows deep into powerful technology that’s helping organizations comprehend the benefits of AI by incorporating the right algorithms at the right time into customer-facing and back-office operations. Connect directly with Pega product owners and over 45 partners to discuss anything and everything AI.

Learn how to deliver real-time intelligence for contextual, relevant customer engagements. Attend our keynotes, AI-focused sessions, or special demos, such as:

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About the Author

Vince Jeffs, Pega’s senior director of product strategy for AI & Decisioning, has spoken at numerous conferences and written extensively on the subject of AI and customer engagement. Through his 30+ year career he’s been at the forefront of the customer experience evolution and revolution – designing and implementing AI solutions directed at optimizing customer value.