Case Study

Heineken Ireland taps into mobility

  • Replaced paper-based scheduling for 8,000 service locations
  • Mobile management of field engineers
  • Real-time mobile data capture and reporting

“With the [Pega] mobile solution, everyone knows what’s happening at all times, so our management team can respond more quickly to any customers’ issues.”

Martin Gowran IT Project Manager, Heineken Ireland

The Business Issue

Heineken Ireland schedules 24,000 line cleans every month to ensure 100 percent consistency across the 8,000 locations serving Heineken products in Ireland. The company scheduled routine and special-request customer visits with an inefficient paper-based system.

Because most of Heineken Ireland’s Draught Service Representatives (DSR) are remote or in transit, the company wanted real-time information to power the DSR’s remote workflows, keeping them fully informed of planned work schedules and specific customer requests in their area.

The Solution

To help senior managers gain better visibility into scheduled line services and improve communications with company DSRs, Heineken Ireland chose Pega to mobilize its field service application. Pega Field Service supports multiple devices and networks, as well as mobile connectors into more than 50 enterprise applications, including Siebel, SAP, and NetSuite.

The company initiated a pilot phase of the project with 10 engineers who evaluated the platform services and software. Following a successful trial, the mobility software was rolled out to all 77 engineers using a range of devices across Ireland.

The Pega solution streamlined Heineken Ireland’s field service scheduling and communications, delivering highly automated and consistent customer service.

The Results

Pega’s field service application provides Heineken Ireland management greater visibility into servicing, cleaning, and installations conducted by the company. The Pega solution includes business rules for escalating service requests and rerouting messages in the event an engineer is out of range at any point.

By mobilizing the field service system, Heineken Ireland has:

  • Higher customer satisfaction with 30% fewer resources
  • Improved data and communication quality; reliable reports in hours, not 7 days
  • Real-time visibility into service performance for managers 

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