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Dire che facciamo notizia è riduttivo. Le nostre soluzioni leader di settore aiutano le imprese più grandi del mondo a creare applicazioni progettate per il futuro.

| Which-50

Which-50 Awards: HSBC – The Best In Analytics Innovation

| Which-50

Which-50 Awards: The Commonwealth Bank Of Australia — Best In Customer Service Innovation

| RT Insights

Pegasystems Enables Business Users to Apply AI in Real Time

| Which-50

HSBC’s Pega-based customer engagement solution was named The Best In Analytics Innovation for increasing meaningful customer conversations and improving inefficiencies

| ComputerWeekly

Pega is named a top low-code vendor in this article about how helpful low-code development tools are for businesspeople and traditional developers

| Which-50

Commonwealth Bank of Australia was named a winner for Best In Customer Service Innovation for its transformative customer engagement strategy by overhauling its digital infrastructure with Pega

| Customer Talk

Pega is listed as a top low-code vendor making it possible for companies to combine AI applications with other technology to maximize AI benefits

| RT Insights

Pega’s Matt Nolan discusses how the Next-Best-Action Designer enables business users to apply AI in real time

| Executive-People

Pega’s Rob Walker explains how the Next-Best-Action Designer ensures AI is accessible to every user and allows for a degree of omnichannel control not previously possible

| DMN News

Pega’s Matt Nolan discusses empathy in business and why a human element is needed for brands to better connect with customers


Commonwealth Bank of Australia explains how customer loyalty and effective engagement have increased since working with Pega
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| Finextra

Pega’s Steve Morgan discusses recent Pega research on the impact of inadequate business banking services

| itnews

Pega client Commonwealth Bank of Australia shares how they are shifting away from the traditional ‘hard-sell’ method to more data-driven conversations based on customer need
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| Finextra

Pega’s Steve Morgan explains the need for traditional banks to adapt to new customer expectations and the challenge of retaining customers

| Dutch IT-Channel

Pega research finds that companies have to boost one-to-one customer engagement to retain their customers

| Executive-People

Pega’s Derk-Jan Brand explains how empathetic AI can boost one-to-one customer engagement

| Automotive News

Pega's Steven Silver explores how automotive companies can elevate customer journeys to cater to customers who have become accustomed to seamless experiences

| Huffington Post

Harald Esch discusses the benefits of Agile methods and the concept of business agility.

| Relation Client Mag

Recent Pega research found link between inefficient customer service and inadequate technology for employees


Pega announces new AI-driven capabilities which enable the Customer Decision Hub to optimize decision making and customer interactions

| ITChannel

To assist customers effectively, call center agents must have the correct tools, according to recent Pega research

| Customer First

Pega’s Derk-Jan Brand shares that organizations who don’t listen to their staff run the risk of potentially losing customers and valuable employees

| Customer Talk

Pega survey finds that inadequate tech support and processes can cause significant frustration among service employees

| B2B Marketing

Pega survey finds that two-thirds of respondents consider intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants helpful


Pega survey uncovers how empathy can improve the perception of AI and foster positive relationships with customers

| Multichannel News

Pega’s Kevin Billings discusses the road to 5G and highlights that a successful future must be built on a strong foundation

| MYCustomer

Call center agents support the use of chatbots to help relieve work overload, says Pega survey

| Forbes

A Pega AI survey reveals most consumers don’t realize when they have interacted with AI