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Dire che facciamo notizia è riduttivo. Le nostre soluzioni leader di settore aiutano le imprese più grandi del mondo a creare applicazioni progettate per il futuro.

Automation Versus RPA: The Robot Wars

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The Big RPA Bubble

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3 Keys to Using Chatbots for Customer Engagement, not Aggravation

Why banking needs to put service first

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The three best ways to deliver a value-driven digital transformation

Rules, Guardrails

| Innovation Aus

Pega is increasing people's access to digital health through its partnership with Philips.
Rules, Guardrails

| BPM Latino

Pega and Philips announce a partnership to improve connectivity between patients and physicians.
Rules, Guardrails

| eGovernment Computing

Pegasystems goes to Philips Cloud.
Rules, Guardrails

| IDG Connect

Industry insiders believe future of healthcare will be based on increased monitoring of patients.
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| Insurance Innovation Reporter

Pega and Philips collaborate, enabling users to better measure their health.
Rules, Guardrails

| Ele Times

Pega will help NJ Courts improve jail operations by streamlining and facilitating bail.