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Dire che facciamo notizia è riduttivo. Le nostre soluzioni leader di settore aiutano le imprese più grandi del mondo a creare applicazioni progettate per il futuro.

| The CEO Show

Radio: Alan Trefler, Founder & CEO of Pegasystems

| ZDNet

CRM Watchlist Winners 2019: Once Again, Pegasystems

| Forbes

Pegasystems CEO Alan Trefler Shares How A Childhood Job Of Restoring Antiques Helped Him Become A Billionaire

| DMN News

Pega’s Matt Nolan discusses empathy in business and why a human element is needed for brands to better connect with customers

| Funkschau

Recent Pega reseach finds that customer service agents believe the use of AI and automation with accelerate processes and improve customer experiences

| itnews

Pega client Commonwealth Bank of Australia shares how they are shifting away from the traditional ‘hard-sell’ method to more data-driven conversations based on customer need


Pega’s Doug Averill explains how government agencies can boost productivity with low code

| Dutch IT-Channel

Pega research finds that companies have to boost one-to-one customer engagement to retain their customers

| Executive-People

Pega’s Derk-Jan Brand explains how empathetic AI can boost one-to-one customer engagement

| Open Access Government

Pega’s Peter Ford comments on the use of AI in the UK’s National Health Service, and notes that while it is a great step, it is only one piece of the puzzle
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| The Wall Street Journal

Pega's Don Schuerman explains that using AI in call centers can play a positive role in helping businesses survive

| Automotive News

Pega's Steven Silver explores how automotive companies can elevate customer journeys to cater to customers who have become accustomed to seamless experiences

| Relation Client Mag

Recent Pega research found link between inefficient customer service and inadequate technology for employees


Pega announces new AI-driven capabilities which enable the Customer Decision Hub to optimize decision making and customer interactions

| ITChannel

To assist customers effectively, call center agents must have the correct tools, according to recent Pega research

| Customer First

Pega’s Derk-Jan Brand shares that organizations who don’t listen to their staff run the risk of potentially losing customers and valuable employees

| Customer Talk

Pega survey finds that inadequate tech support and processes can cause significant frustration among service employees

| AM Best TV

Pega’s Tom Harrington discusses low code’s promising future in the insurance industry at InsureTech Connect

| Business Today

Pega’s Suman Reddy discusses the opaque nature of AI and the need for a renewed focus on ethical and transparent AI

| B2B Marketing

Pega survey finds that two-thirds of respondents consider intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants helpful

| iTWire

Pega’s Francis Carden comments on the state of robotics in Australia and explains why RPA alone cannot be a platform for digital transformation


Pega survey uncovers how empathy can improve the perception of AI and foster positive relationships with customers

| MYCustomer

Call center agents support the use of chatbots to help relieve work overload, says Pega survey
Finextra logo

| Finextra

Pega partnered with Finextra to survey senior business and technology managers on the impact of AI and open banking on their strategies for onboarding, KYC , and client lifecycle management


Pega’s Vince Jeffs discusses AI, empathy, and the need for transparency

| Forbes

A Pega AI survey reveals most consumers don’t realize when they have interacted with AI

| Forbes France

Pega’s Georges Anidjar explains the importance of personalization in healthcare for better client experiences


Pega’s Jeff Nicholson explains CCPA regulations, who should be thinking about it, what’s next, and its impact