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Dire che facciamo notizia è riduttivo. Le nostre soluzioni leader di settore aiutano le imprese più grandi del mondo a creare applicazioni progettate per il futuro.

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Are You Providing A Frictionless Customer Experience?

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Unum Group Streamlines Back-Office Processes with Pega


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Pegasystems adds AI options to Customer decision hub

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Pega’s Tony Tarquini explains how understanding customer needs leads to better outcomes

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Pega client Commonwealth Bank of Australia shares how Pega drives their customer conversations

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At PegaWorld, HSBC Australia explains how they use Pega’s omnichannel messaging to build relationships with their customers

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Consumers lack trust in AI because empathy is missing, Pega study finds.

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National Australia Bank shares how Pega bots are improving workflows and customer service

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At PegaWorld, Dr. Rob Walker highlights customer empathy and overcoming customer mistrust

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Consumers lack confidence in AI, says Pega survey.


Consumers clearly not convinced by the benefits of artificial intelligence.

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Why Pegasystems wants to turn customer engagement into customer empathy.

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Pega: the company that wants to reconcile multinationals with their customers.

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Pega introduces AI with empathy at PegaWorld 2019.

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Pega client Optus shares insights from building a universal workflow at PegaWorld

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A PegaWorld roundup including DPA’s place in a digital transformation strategy

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Pega’s Don Schuerman explains how combining RPA and BPM for true transformation creates better customer experiences

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Pega’s Tom Libretto discusses building trust through data transparency

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Digital transformation is not easy. Particularly when you consider that, reputedly, around 70% of all transformation programs fail to meet expectations or their objectives. That means only 30% of...

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Pega’s Jeff Nicholson discusses where friction exists in customer and employee experiences

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AI is often met by mistrust by consumers says a Pega survey.


Consumers do not trust AI because empathy is lacking, says Pega survey.

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Consumers lack confidence in AI, says Pega study.

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Consumers do not trust AI because empathy is lacking, says Pega study.

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Consumers do not trust AI because of a lack of empathy, says Pega study.

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Can AI tell the difference between good and evil? Consumers have doubts, according to Pega's study.

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Consumers still resistant to artificial intelligence, Pega study finds.

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Pega client, Unum, shares how they have streamlined back-office processes to increase efficiency with Pega