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Dire che facciamo notizia è riduttivo. Le nostre soluzioni leader di settore aiutano le imprese più grandi del mondo a creare applicazioni progettate per il futuro.

| Digital Health Age

Why healthcare relies on intelligent resource use and the right tech

| Tech Target

Consider these 12 RPA software vendors for deploymentunum

Customer centricity white paper preview image

| CMS Wire

Customer Service Friction: A Double-Edged Sword

| itnews

National Australia Bank shares how Pega bots are improving workflows and customer service

| IT News

National Australia Bank uses Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant to reduce email avalanche and improve customer experience.

| BAI Banking Strategies

Christine Parker weighs in on how banks can offer omnichannel for optimal customer experiences.
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| Finextra

Reetu Khosla explains how the banking industry can utilize zero-code or low-code tools in order to drive faster innovation.
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| Which-50

Commonwealth Bank of Australia shares its Pega success story at PegaWorld.
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| Computable

Alan Trefler presents Pega Infinity at PegaWorld 2018.
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| SearchCRM/TechTarget

Pega Infinity incorporates low-code appdev, blockchain and AI to optimize marketing campaigns.
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| Enterprise Times

Pega launches Pega Infinity, Pega Blockchain Innovation Kit and Self-Optimizing Campaigns.
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Pega's Don Schuerman and Kerim Akgonul highlight PegaWorld news and evolution to Infinity.
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Pega's Jeff Nicholson discusses upcoming GDPR as "sleeping giant" for businesses.
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ME Bank CIO Mark Gay discusses digital transformation and implementing Pega Platform.
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| Wall Street Journal

How Pega client Scotiabank is transforming their organization with new software investments.
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Pega's Reetu Khosla explains why banks need more efficient onboarding processes.
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| Banking Technology

Graham Lloyd explains why FS companies should push the technological boundaries.
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| Tech Evaluation Centers

Pega Client Lifecycle Management is streamlining onboarding and improving customer experiences
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| PaymentsSource

Pega CLM is streamlining and automating client onboarding on a global scale.
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Pega is reducing "one of the most costly and time-consuming functions burdening global banks."
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| Smart Customer Service

Pega is speeding up the onboarding process with a new Client Lifecycle Management Tool.
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| Forbes

Pega streamlines and automates corporate client onboarding with Pega Client Lifecycle Management.
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| The Financial Brand

Financial institutions need to stay relevant amidst new innovations and customer expectations.
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| 1to1 Media

Pega's Scott Andrick explains what's holding banks back when it comes to personalization