How to Choose Insurance Management Software

The right insurance management software can help an insurer identify and win new customers, efficiently deliver high quality services to existing customers, monitor and mitigate risks, and consistently achieve regulatory compliance. But finding the underwriting software and insurance claims software that will best serve your organization takes some careful searching. When evaluating insurance management software, pay special attention to these criteria to help ensure that you get the right solution for your business:

  • Support for agility. Insurance software solutions vary significantly in their ability to support rapid process change. Because your business objectives and your operational environment are highly dynamic, it’s important to find insurance management software that drives business agility rather than impeding it.
  • Rules sophistication. The reach and power of your insurance administration software will be determined in large part by its ability to translate real-world business goals and policies into a system of formal business rules that can drive automated processes. The more sophisticated the business rules functionality of insurance management software, the more value that software will deliver to your organization.
  • Pace of ROI. Resources are tight in today’s economy. Make sure the insurance management software you choose can deliver tangible return on investment at an acceptably rapid pace.
  • Proven results. Look for insurance management software with a proven track record of delivering substantial, measurable benefits for businesses like yours.



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Pegasystems Delivers Superior Insurance Management Software

Pegasystems is the leading provider of innovative business process management and customer relationship management solutions for dynamic service industries including insurance, financial services, and health care. Consistently rated as a BPM and CRM market leader by major analysts, Pegasystems is the insurance management software provider of choice for many of the world’s largest insurers because Pega software:

  • Puts business users in charge of process creation, to a degree unmatched by any other solution on the market. By automating most programming tasks and minimizing reliance on IT staff, Pega insurance policy management software enables business users to quickly convert new business objectives into new services and products, or respond to changes in the marketplace.
  • Delivers unmatched business rules sophistication, so you can build intelligent automated processes that fully capture your organization’s best strategic and tactical thinking.
  • Integrates quickly and seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, and includes best-practice based solution frameworks that help you to rapidly build and launch end-to-end processes for customer acquisition, service request handling, claims processing, risk detection and mitigation, and more.
  • Delivers measurable improvements to service quality, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Major insurers who use Pega insurance underwriting software and other insurance applications report tangible results like reduced time-to-market for new products and promotions; improved offer response rates; reduced application abandonment rates; faster client on-boarding processes; and lowered costs of regulatory reporting and compliance.


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