What Does It Take to Serve a Global Customer?

Business Issue
A large, globally distributed customer service organization within a global banking giant's organization needed to provide corporate clients with consistent service levels as well as detailed account and transaction data across multiple continents and time zones, in response to rapidly changing global market conditions.

Global banking giant's transaction services team challenged to resolve customer inquiries in a timely manner, using insufficiently integrated, disparate legacy systems and communication protocols.

The global banking giant's transaction services team used Pegasystems' PegaRULES Process Commander® (PRPC) solution and best-in-class frameworks — Customer Process Manager (CPM), Smart Investigate for Payments, Smart Investigate for Securities and Self-service — to configure business processes to address local, regional, and global processing and compliance needs.


  • Significant reduction in resolution time for basic service inquiries, from 24 hours to two hours in some instances
  • Global, multiproduct, cross-channel, 360-degree view of the customer
  • Greater speed to market with new SWIFT solutions such as E&I
  • Reduction of capital costs and operational risk
  • Improved compliance with changing regulations
  • Alignment with evolving customer needs