Using Pega for Agile Government

Selecting an approach for developing and implementing software solutions that can meet the complex needs of government agencies is not a simple decision. Packaged application? Build a custom solution with in-house staff? Hire a system integrator?

These approaches have their virtues, but they all suffer from some limitations. In general, the effort required to customize a packaged application or develop a brand new one in-house that actually meets agency’s needs often ends up costing more than planned, taking longer than expected and producing a solution that is hard to change. They can also lock an agency in, requiring an expensive, on-going commitment to a particular vendor or system integrator when changes are required. This slows down the agency’s ability to respond quickly to the changes that are inevitable and coming at an increasing pace.

What government agencies need is a new approach to solution development—one that significantly cuts implementation time, costs and risks while enabling rapid response to change. This is exactly what Pega’s Better Business Software™ is designed to do. Pega offers a revolutionary approach to solutions development that leads to implementation of highly functional applications in a fraction of the time and costs required to customize packaged solutions or build applications from scratch.