PW 2014 Presentation: Becoming a Digital Enterprise

Vik Sohoni, Partner and Co-Leader of North American Digital Practice, McKinsey & Company

Alan Trefler, Founder and CEO, Pegasystems

As technology buzzwords like cloud, crowd-sourcing, big data or Internet of Things become realities and consumers digitize all aspects of their lives, organizations must stay ahead. That means developing aspects of a "Digital Enterprise". Thinking holistically about digital means better utilizing digital channels, digitizing the core processes of your company, enhancing your data capabilities and retooling your innovation 'engine'. Rapid digitization, focused on the 10-20 end-to-end processes that drive the majority of an organization's costs, can make a dramatic difference to the journey. Vik Sohoni, Partner at McKinsey & Company, will outline the steps needed to identify and digitize processes that can have an immediate impact on your customers and bottom line. Pegasystems Founder and CEO, Alan Trefler, will conclude the conference with insights into how Pega technology helps bring customer experience and process simplification together.