PW 2013 Video: Cisco's Evolution to an Adaptive Enterprise Managing 'Rapid Velocity of Change'

Cisco IT operating model has evolved over the past few years into a Large Scale Services ( LSS ) & Governed Capabilities ( GC ) architectural approach. The focus is on making Cisco an adaptive enterprise driving change through business architecture, providing global consistency and scale, local relevancy, connected / unified experience. New business model & country enablement, resilient, scalable service oriented secure architecture and architecture simplification is a core DNA within our LSS / GC eco system. Within the Governed Capabilities ( GC ) we need to manage the " rapid velocity of change " and implement a business agility layer which allows us to re organize or re align based on the ever changing needs of the business. A comprehensive iBPM ( intelligent BPM ) play which is built on the foundation of global / local rules repositories is a key enabler strategy today within Cisco to achieve all this and much more. Pricing and Discounting domain within Cisco historically has had the most complex rules / process implementations, where we are working with Pega to build out the unified business agility layer, with a focus on customer centricity ( what, when and how ) which allows us to do business at a rapid pace and at the same time empowers our business users to drive the changes where appropriate with minimal IT involvement.

Presented by: KC Wu, VP, Information Technology, Cisco Value Chain IT, Cisco