PW 2013 Presentation: JPMorgan Chase Uses Directly Capture Objectives (DCO) as a Building Block for BPM Success

Directly Capture Objectives (DCO) is designed to facilitate and enhance Business and Technology collaboration for better and faster workflow solutions, and is one of the fundamental building blocks of successful BPM solutions. Coupled with iterative methodology, DCO ensures business success through early visualization of actual workflows. It calls for frequent workflow demonstrations throughout the development process. It also provides self-documenting requirements and supporting use- cases as supplemental outputs – both of which are extremely valuable for training materials and user acceptance testing. This session includes DCO fundamentals with practical, real-world experience from several recent JPMorgan Chase workflow projects.

  • About DCO fundamentals augmented with real-world DCO experience from several recent JPMorgan Chase workflow projects
  • How the methodology was applied firsthand, and what worked well and did not work so well
  • How JPMorgan Chase evolved a traditional tech/project approach to achieve time, cost, and usability benefits


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