PW 2011 Presentation: PRPC Production Application Performance

PRPC provides a rich set of tools to inspect, aggregate and analyze application performance in both development and production environments.  Learn how to leverage these tools to quickly identify and remediate production performance issues and to avoid problems through improved pre-production performance analysis.  Discuss ‘top ten’ causes of production performance degradation and application and deployment architecture considerations for performance optimization.  This session is geared towards System  Architects, System Administrators, Project Managers, and Operations Managers.  Participants are encouraged to bring laptops, log files and questions.  In this session you will learn:

  • Common causes of PRPC application performance degradation
  • How to use out-of-the-box PRPC diagnostic tools and free third party software to quickly identify performance issues
  • Best practices to ensure optimal production performance and scalability
  • Best practices to quickly detect and remediate post-production performance problems