PW 2011 Presentation: Maximizing Re-Use: Practical Suggestions for Success from the JPMC BPM Center of Excellence

Customer experiences are improved and operational efficiencies are realized when PRPC is leveraged for maximum reuse across lines of business, geographies and customer segments.  A Center of Excellence (COE) is an ideal way to establish the governance and processes necessary to take full advantage of the power of Pega technology.  But on a practical level, how do you make it work?  In this session, JPMC, will share everyday how-to’s and battle-tested best practices to help you discover the secrets of COE success to truly reap the benefits of enterprise reuse.  In this session, you will learn:

  • How to quickly enable project teams through the use of pre-configured loaner environments
  • Pragmatic suggestions for building a shared foundation of reusable assets, harvesting new assets and monitoring the rule base
  • Best practices for facilitating project design and code reviews