PW 2011 Presentation: How Complex Institutions Build an Integrated Financial Crime and Compliance Management System to Manage Risk Globally

Global Financial institutions and Insurance companies struggle with ensuring compliance to complex regulatory requirements while proactively managing risk across lines of business, products and regions. Regulators are looking for institutions to prove end-to-end control while institutions are struggling to manage costs and ensure risk-specific compliance. Complex organizations are looking to apply technology to mitigate these risks and manage operational costs through an Integrated Financial Crime, KYC, Suitability, Risk and Compliance Management system that accounts for global, regional and product specific requirements.  In this session you will learn about:

  • Applying technology to build a global compliance management solution across multiple lines of business, products and regulatory requirements
  • Industry best practices and approaches to ensure compliance while building operational efficiency and control
  • The ROI for sales, operations and compliance professionals of implementing an integrated risk and compliance management platform