PW 2011 Presentation: How Alere Provides Mass Personalization to Maximize Consumer Engagement & Improve Health Outcomes

For Alere, a global leader in near-patient diagnostics and health management system and services, the secret to better health is providing consumers and their physicians with immediate and responsive information so they can make optimum health decisions.  Alere’s other secret is Pega - which helps them provide timely and personalized information in the manner and channel most likely to engage each consumer.  In this session you will learn how Alere:

  • Deployed a Pega-powered recommendation engine which drives real-time personalization via multi-tenant self-service portals that adjust dynamically to provide tailored navigation, presentation and content
  • Stays responsive to consumer interaction preferences - delivering its tailored health management services consistently over multiple-modalities including phone, web, iPad and mobile applications
  • Has used Pega’s layer cake capabilities to increase their client options and accelerate their speed to market