PW 2011 Presentation: Continuous Enterprise Improvement Through Pega BPM

Businesses are driven by the need to continuously improve the performance of their processes. They need to cut costs, optimize the customer experience, rapidly introduce new products, open new markets, overcome competition, and comply with new regulations (just to name a few).  The traditional software life cycle is a cumbersome process that is long and complex and is the antithesis of agility. Pega BPM is the ideal platform to achieve continuous enterprise improvement.  In this session, you will learn:

  • What is Pega BPM and how is it helping organizations achieve continuous enterprise improvemen
  • How Pega BPM fits the enterprise architecture and becomes the core of the enterprise ecosystem
  • The Nine Dimensions of transformational improvement in Pega BPM
  • Real-Time Lean Six Sigma through Pega BPM

The session will include demos to illustrate the core Pega BPM capabilities for continuous improvement.