PW 2011 Presentation: Automated Governance: How CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Safeguards Success Across BPM Teams and Projects

Governance of projects across multiple staffing models is not always optimized.  Typical IT project reviews catch issues after the fact—the code has been written and requires changes to comply to the standard.   Such rework results in time delays, added cost, and in most cases, needless frustration among project team members. The Business Process Automation Competency Center at CareFirst has pioneered a better approach by automating code governance directly into the enterprise organizational class structure of their Pega projects.  In this session:

  • Learn about CareFirst’s methodology for automating governance
  • Discover how CareFirst has reduced 80% of the typical “defects” found in traditional “after the fact” code reviews, including elimination of rule deprecation, non-standard naming conventions, and non-standard error handling
  • Gain an understanding of how you can automate governance within your own organization