PegaWorld 2018 Keynote: Kerim Akgonul

Pega software is at the core of how leading organizations engage their customers, automate their digital processes, and build the apps they need at the speed the market demands. Our continued investment in technology empowers our customers to use AI and Robotics to quickly achieve real results. In his keynote, Kerim Akgonul, Pega’s SVP of Products, will introduce the latest advances in Pega’s technology highlighting why our Platform isn’t just low-code, it’s no-code. You’ll witness how Pega’s AI and robotics are setting the standard for a new class of CRM applications that both engage your customers and automate your work. You’ll learn how Pega’s cloud services deliver apps that are fast, reliable, and continuously up-to-date. Kerim will demonstrate how Pega’s no-code approach lets you go from vision to running applications faster than ever before—and scale without limits.


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