PegaWorld 2018 Keynote: Alan Trefler (full version)

The promise and potential of Digital Transformation is immense. When it is done right it delivers exceptional experiences that delight your customers while streamlining and simplifying your operational processes, it empowers employees to be more productive and more impactful and it means operating at the accelerating speed of disruption. But to achieve these results, you have to get Digital Transformation right—and too often, organizations find themselves chasing after success in a world of digital chaos. Well-intentioned mistakes end up creating disconnected experiences, increased complexity, and new digital silos. In his PegaWorld keynote, Founder and CEO Alan Trefler shares specific examples of how leading organizations have avoided these mistakes and achieved staggering results. They apply end-to-end thinking in an agile, journey-centric approach. They leverage AI and Robotic Automation to bridge the digital gap between customer engagement and the operational systems that fulfill each customer promise. They have built future-proof technology that future-proofs their business. They are reaping the rewards of true Digital Transformation.


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