Pegaworld 2016: Reuse in Action - Delivering 28 Member-Centric Solutions from One Platform (Video)

"We use Pega for service cases, information-driven digital processes, business process automation and efficient real-time service. All using common application layers. That's maximum reuse in action."

    – Joakim Kruse, CIO, Swedish Federation of Unemployment Insurance Funds

The Swedish Federation of Unemployment Insurance Funds (SO) serves 28 independent unemployment insurance funds and their 3.5 million members, managing insured member and insurance administration. SO operates from a single-Pega instance specialized for the individual needs of each fund. SO is putting the Situational Layer Cake to real use by building on the success of “My Pages.” This gives the 40,000 concurrent users access to their account via mobile channels, even at peak times. SO is doing this by building the member and unemployment insurance management functionality specialized for the specific needs of each individual fund.