Pegaworld 2016: Next Generation Decisioning at British Gas – The What, When, and How (Video)

"Our vision for customer experience is to centralize decisions across channels - to make relevant and timely decisions about each customer, exactly when they're needed. Each channel would learn from the others and work in synch to support the customer; allowing us to create the experience our customers deserve, and deepen those relationships.... When you boil it all down to the most basic concepts, we want to move from product push, to customer conversation.”

    - Steve Thomas, Britsh Gas

In this session, Steve Thomas and Jo Allen from British Gas will talk next-level details around “how” the company is executing their marketing and customer experience transformation, using Pega for Next Generation Decisioning. They’ll discuss real-world execution, planning, and delivery; from data and channels, to the associated phases, people, partners, and processes. The audience will learn that sometimes to move forward - you first need to take a step back – and make some foundational changes.


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