PegaWORLD 2015: The Death of Average Handle Time - Metrics for Today's Customer Journey (Video)

How do your metrics measure up? Now that customers use multiple channels to engage with companies, traditional measurements of operational efficiency – metrics like Average Handle Time, First Contact Resolution or Average Speed of Answer – may no longer be relevant. Even methods of capturing customer satisfaction may be falling behind the times. In this session we'll explore how customer service is evolving beyond single-channel measurement, so companies can better understand the total impact on the customer experience. You'll learn how customer service is evolving to better capture the context of each interaction and adapt conversations appropriately. Finally, we'll show off ways that Pega Customer Service can help you better keep track of that customer journey, incorporate context into your employee interactions, and drive measurably higher performance overall.


  • Jeff Foley, Director of Product Marketing, Customer Service Applications, Pega
  • Bob Kaff, Director of Product Management, CRM, Pega


  • Product Area: Customer Service
  • Topic: CRM
  • Topic: Customer Service
  • Topic: PegaWorld

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