PegaWORLD 2013 Video: Organizational Adoption of BPM - Legitimizing Shadow IT - A Capgemini Session

BPM has enjoyed longstanding significance in the financial services and is spreading to many other industries, not the least of these is high tech. This introduces a new breed of tech-savvy, very capable business people. How do we manage this dynamic without inhibiting business agility and empowerment? Greg Price of Capgemini and Santosh Krishnakumar of Cisco will cover essential wisdoms in adopting BPM, how to manage the blurring line between Business and IT, and how to move from Project to Program with a BPM CoE.

  • What an organization must do for healthy adoption of BPM
  • How to cultivate business agility by empowering the business community
  • How to manage this new empowerment


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