PegaWORLD 2012 Presentation: Zurich's Claims Transformation

Across industries, business innovation today is more often a series of smaller steps, gradually and in a controlled way developing capabilities leading to a new desired state. Capabilities are rooted in business processes, business rules and workflow representing the core of operations so it should be no surprise that each are inextricably linked to most business transformation efforts. Enabling capabilities such as developing new products or services, creating new and ground-breaking business processes, or adopting market-changing business models are key to driving innovation. By definition, business innovation changes the way business is performed and, once introduced, becomes a license to play and the basis for the next innovative step – transformation.

In this session you will learn:

  • How Zurich’s workflow enabled claims platform will optimize decision making
  • How Zurich is leveraging workflow capturing operational efficiency and effectiveness goals
  • That prioritizing those capabilities is critical to achieving business objectives will impact the claims lifecycle