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Today’s world is digital first; people expect seamless experiences delivering the knowledge and service-levels they require, at exactly the right time and place. Cutting-edge “as-a-service” firms have set new expectations for customer experience by connecting all their customers, data, and channels – then integrating analytics to ensure each interaction is seamless.

Connected digital experiences have become the new normal, and are the de facto lens through which patients, members, and customers view healthcare organizations (HCOs). Members and patients know that their health is an incredibly personal and essential issue and can’t understand why healthcare is not as simple and seamless as everything else in their lives. To compete on a level with digital disruptors, HCOs must provide the same connected, frictionless experiences. This requires an overhaul in the standard HCO approach to customer engagement: it means HCOs need to become more than just outcome providers – these organizations must become intelligent experience builders, with the agility and horsepower required to execute digitally.


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