Pega Process Extender for Salesforce

Extending with Pega Dynamic Case Management


Businesses need to handle marketing, sales and service activities holistically, responding not just with customer-facing activities and tasks, but with a range of system and human responses throughout the organization.

Most businesses rely on people to understand the context of a case, remember all the applications that perform different aspects of the work, and "hand stich" it together for every situation. And when unforeseen situations arise, exceptions that can't be handled by existing policies and processes pile up. The result is inconsistency, missed opportunities, poor customer satisfaction and slower growth.


Pega Process Extender for (SFDC) augments SFDC functionality with secure, enterprise-scale and dynamic case management that delivery end-to-end process integration.

By bringing Pega and SFDC together, Pega offers a robust solution to help organizations get new products to market faster, market and sell more effectively and deliver excellent customer service.

Pega is the recognized leader in intelligent BPM, CRM and Dynamic Case Management.  Many organizations using SFDC to track sales activities leverage Pega for end-to-end case management to help their business grow.