Pega Better Business Software® Transformation and Modernization Roadmap

Pega is the modernization and transformation layer that can be used:

  • As the entry point of the process - communicating with and invoking ERP modules as needed. 
  • As the exception case management solution - invoked by ERP or other legacy solutions. 
  • As the consolidated smart-process integration layer of an existing application.

Pega is the layer that wraps and hides the complexities and silos of multiple ERP, legacy or internally developed homegrown solutions.

  • The legacy ERP system and additional proprietary ERP or custom code that were developed are maintained; they are not replaced or deprecated. 
  • Pega can invoke ERP module(s) via standard service interfaces as needed. Web services are the preferred synchronous service connectivity option, but there are others, including asynchronous message-based, queue-based invocations as well as batch. 
  • All new policies and procedures are deployed at the Pega layer. 
  • Manual handling of exceptions that are raised by the ERP system or module(s) tends to be expensive and error prone. Pega’s case management is ideal for automating exception handling. The automation through Pega improves the reporting and/or execution, responsiveness, consistency, and quality of exception handling - while also reducing the cost of manual handoffs. 
  • Pega can be invoked as a work automation, case automation, or headless (no UI) rules engine option, thereby augmenting, empowering, and transforming legacy systems that are difficult or expensive to maintain and change.


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