Pega 7 Upgrade Leadership Training

This course delves into the Pega 7 transformation with extensive information on the Pega 7 upgrade. The course provides a firm explanation of how to carry out the Pega 7 transformation in existing projects. It covers the terminology, process, tools, and best practices to complete the current transformation projects. An assessment of the students is conducted as they present a business proposal for the customer upgrade project.

Students are given instances with realtime implementations where they can perform the Pega 7 upgrade and achieve the Pega 7 compliance user interface (UI). This two-week training session includes both theory and hands-on exercises that help students prepare for the technical assessment. The students also get graded on their proposal as well as their knowledge of Pega 7 technologies. Successful candidates get an endorsement from Pega – a "Pega 7 Upgrade expert" badge in the PDN.