ING: New Sales Channels and 300% Increase in Net Promoters

Agile technology environment to stay ahead of a fast moving economy

Eastern Europe is home to many rapidly evolving economies. In Poland, per capita income has tripled in the last 20 years, and has given rise to a middle class with a need for financial products to help them preserve their assets, in retirement and for future generations. The shift in demographics presented an opportunity for ING Poland and they set out to fill this new market need with new products.

In addition to new products, ING set out to broaden their distribution network in order to reach the growing and geographically dispersed population. A new technology platform was needed to enable their aggressive growth goals. ING needed a platform that was easy to configure, suited to handle standardization and specialization of rules, and was able to integrate with external and internal systems. Their existing stack solution did not provide the agility they needed to take advantage of the market opportunity.

Business Goals

  • Expand Customer Reach
  • Add Points of Distribution
  • Deliver Exceptional Customer Care
  • Launch New Products and Channels
  • Modernize Legacy Systems


  • Increased agility and improved time-to-market
  • 3 months to go-live
  • 80% reuse
  • 300% increase in net promoter score
  • A seamless multi-channel customer experience