Increase Policyholder Satisfaction and Sales with a Unified New Business Acquisition & Underwriting Solution

How Pegasystems helps Insurance Carriers Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences by Automating and Streamlining the End-to-End New Business Process

Pegasystems delivers an agile solution for new business acquisition and underwriting that uses a single, unified process across business lines and channels to facilitate multi-line sales within a single customer interaction and focus on the specific customer’s needs as opposed to the product or channel.

With Pega, insurance carriers can create a common process for new business acquisition across product lines and channels, yet dynamically embody businessline specific practices, policies and regulations. Pega’s mature SOA platform, automated step-by-step guidance and real-time customer intelligence enables carriers to deliver customer-focused interactions that help carriers realize significant benefits in the form of higher revenue generation per customer interaction, more successful cross-selling, improved productivity, reduced costs, better compliance and consistent customer, agent and CSR experiences.