How to Optimize your Customer's Journey

Are Your Customers Falling Through The Cracks?

Hear from Tim Crick, Head of Customer Contact Architecture at RBS, and Patrick Tripp, Product Marketing Manager from Pegasystems on How to Optimize the Customer Journey: Building Relevancy and Customer Lifetime Value.

In an increasingly complex and competitive environment, companies are struggling to attract, service, and retain valuable customers at a cost that is right for their business.

You will gain critical insight into how your organization can:

  • Take a complete approach to your customer and how you support their entire journey, across marketing, sales, service, and retention.
  • Predict and embrace your customer's needs to deliver a personalized experience through any channel which maximises customer lifetime value.
  • Optimize your investments in your customers by balancing customer needs and company goals.
  • Learn how RBS is applying real-time 'Next Best Action' strategies across multiple customers, channels, products, and brands.

Join Patrick and Tim as they share examples and insight on how companies can interact with customers to build lasting relationships. Pega will also share highlights of a recent Customer Centricity study conducted in Europe and results from the Pega Customer Service Assessment.