First Contact Resolution

Don’t Just Answer – Resolve

FCR is not about the first contact answer – it’s about fulfilling the issue to the satisfaction of the customer and your company. Consistently achieving FCR requires technology that can deliver the following capabilities to:

  • Know your customer. Provide CSRs with immediate understanding of the customer and issue before the call even begins.
  • Just do it. Don’t just tell the customer what will happen: act in order to fulfill the request at the time of the call.
  • Use the right channel. Use the channel that ensures the best outcome on the first contact – and use multiple channels at once if that is what it takes.
  • Fulfill the request and sell more. The best resolution for the customer may involve complimentary products or services, so combine service fulfillment with relevant offers.
  • Make it a better experience. Learn from past interactions to continuously automate, refine and improve the experience for the customer and the CSR.