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Explore Pega’s robotic automation tools at this PegaWorld live demo

What if you could automate routine tasks, reduce inefficiencies, optimize your workforce, and improve the customer experience? With the Pega Robotic Automation & Workforce Intelligence Suite, you can.

Our big data, cloud-based application collects millions of events from every desktop computer in your organization and then analyzes that data, identifying opportunities for improvement.

Using workforce intelligence, our robotic process automation:

  • Looks for patterns in your data
  • Identifies manual steps that can be automated
  • Gives you the time you would save through automation

Watch this robotic automation tools demo to learn how the Pega Robotic Automation & Workforce Intelligence Suite took a 3-minute address change and brought the entire process down to 10 seconds.


Greg: Damon, thank you so much for coming on stage, showing to us. Can you actually show us what this looks like in action?

Damon: Yeah, absolutely. Every robotic automation project should start with workforce intelligence, our big data cloud application that collects millions of events from all the desktops in your organization and then looks for places where you can use that data to improve.

Greg: So, you collect all the data from across all the desktops, you analyze it. How do we get started?

Damon: We get started with what we call the opportunity finder. That's an analysis that looks for patterns in your data and it says hey, this is a place you can use automation to save time or another enhancement to save time.

Greg: This identifies all the manual steps that's happening across the applications, across the systems and gives me recommendations?

Damon: That's right. Here, actually, I see a cut, copy, and paste opportunity that looks like it's for address change. Why don't we drill into that one? In the center, you can see that you've been performing address changes about 25,000 times a week in the last month.

Greg: Isn't that a lot of people moving, Damon?

Damon: Well, I hear a lot of people are moving to Canada right now.

Greg: Oh. That's a good move.

Damon: Yeah.

Greg: I see also some other data on top. I see estimated time savings per count. What does that mean?

Damon: That tells us how much time we would save if we were to automate this. 195 seconds is over three minutes. In the course of a year, for that many CSRs, that's over $1.7 million worth of savings.

Greg: That's a huge savings. That's a lot of time. Let's do it.

Damon: All right, let's get started and automate it. In order to do that, what I have to do is actually simulate a call so I can record the same steps that a CSR would do when they do a real address change.

Greg: We're in the customer service application from Pega. We have a screen pop.

Damon: Here I am, I'm actually gonna go ahead and click record. Now, the software's gonna watch everything I do so it can create a robot from it later.

Greg: You're actually doing a customer service task for change address. You're simulating that you're talking to a customer.

Damon: Yep.

Greg: John Brown is moving to Comm. Ave. in Boston. You're actually recording all of his activity where he's keying in the data.

Damon: Yep.

Greg: Now, you just opened up some VB app, and he's looking at the customer account number. He has to pull up that customer data.

Damon: Yeah.

Greg: Not fun.

Damon: Nope.

Greg: And then, there's another app and you have to find John Brown on that system as well.

Damon: Yeah.

Greg: And then, what are you gonna do?

Damon: Then, I gotta copy and paste. Finally at that point.

Greg: Damon, this is painful.

Damon: Yeah, well imagine if you have a customer on the phone.

Greg: Imagine if you have 3,500 customers in front of you, watching you cutting and pasting.

Damon: Yeah, there's that.

Greg: I think this is when you're in the contact center and the CSR says oh, my systems are running a little slow. Really, they're just going through seven different systems to do the same thing. That's why it's working that way. This is the manual work. Your tool is running out of power.

Damon: Yeah, we didn't apparently plug in.

Greg: Okay?

Damon: Okay. I'm gonna go ahead and click save and finish this. Here we go. I'm going to submit on this, and then I can stop recording and give this a name so that we can invoke it from Pega.

Greg: I hope somebody's bringing a power cord in the meanwhile. Oh, I see. Come on, faster.

Damon: Yeah, I see somebody running up to us here.

Greg: You recorded that transaction through robotic process. You actually have basically watched the user go through the multiple applications, you recorded the whole thing, you have a transaction that you can repeat. Now, you're in Pega Express. You're trying to get this done before we run out of power.

Damon: Yeah, and actually I've got power, so I'm gonna pause for a second.

Greg: Relax.

Damon: Gonna add the robotic automation step now, okay?

Greg: Awe, look at the cute icon.

Damon: Yep, it's a cute little icon. Just accept the default name, then I'm gonna go ahead and type address change here. There we go.

Greg: Hold on a sec. Right here, it says run in the background.

Damon: Yep.

Greg: What does that mean?

Damon: That just means that production, if I were to check that, the CSR would never have to see the apps at all.

Greg: Can we just leave it unchecked for now so we can see the robots actually working?

Damon: Yeah, why don't we do that. I'll go ahead and click save. I'm gonna go ahead and take another call here.

Greg: Okay.

Damon: A lot of people moving right now.

Greg: Who's next?

Damon: Sara.

Greg: Okay. Sara is in Boston.

Damon: That's right.

Greg: But, she heard John is moving to Boston so it sounds like she's trying to get out of town.

Damon: Yeah, she's gonna move to Cambridge.

Greg: Okay. Ready?

Damon: Yeah. Now I'm at a point when I hit submit that the robots will actually do this for me.

Greg: When do the robots come?

Damon: That was it.

Greg: I missed it.

Damon: Okay, I'm gonna do it one more time.

Greg: Can you do it, please?

Damon: All right, yeah. We have an associated account here and when I submit this time, it's gonna run an address change on this account.

Greg: It's sharing the same process. I'm paying attention.

Damon: All right, here we go.

Greg: Go.

Damon: Look Ma, no hands.

Greg: Look, I see the applications. Wow, that was so much faster than doing it by hand.

Damon: Yeah, three minutes down to 10 seconds.

Greg: Fantastic. But, what's the CSR supposed to do now?

Damon: Well, I hope they're gonna focus on the customer.

Greg: That will be great. Thank you so much Damon, for showing us.

Damon: All right, thanks Greg.


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