Delivering a Consistent Cross-Channel Customer Journey

Bridging the Gap between Customer Experience and Customer Expectations

Gartner advocates that organizations should adopt a Customer Engagement Hub to orchestrate collaboration between the marketing, customer service, sales, and customer experience teams. Together, they can identify the journey gaps that lead to customer dissatisfaction, defection, and low spending.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why Gartner believes that in order to have an integrated customer experience, IT application leaders will need to build a customer engagement hub.
  • The problems Gartner believes the Customer Engagement Hub solves, and the elements of a successful Customer Engagement Hub architecture.
  • How Pega has architected its next-generation customer engagement platform to function as the core component of this Customer Engagement Hub vision.
  • How organizations like EE and PNC are utilizing Pega technology to increase offer rates, improve employee engagement, and enhance the customer experience.