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Deliver Solutions up to 6.4X Faster

Pega's Build for Change® Platform brings new solutions to life with simplicity and speed for adaptability to changing business needs. With Pega's unified platform, you can create a strong partnership between business and IT to ensure solutions deliver maximum business value. The platform works within and across existing systems to help modernize your IT environment while retaining and extending the value of your existing technology investment.


Speaker 1: The Pega 7 Platform makes building an enterprise app simple and fast, without sacrificing power. How simple? How fast? Capgemini reports it's 6.4 times faster than coding in Java. With Pega, everything happens in the Cloud. You just need the URL and the log in. Pega is different because it is 100% visually driven. You directly capture a process and see it running immediately, with no coding. Everything from rules, to UI, to integration is built visually without code. This common visual language lets business and IT groups work together efficiently.

You start an app in Pega 7 by laying out a business processes basic stages, followed by the steps that make up each stage. The process is ready to run immediately. Forms and fields are added next. Calculations can be done based on formulas you set. You can design your application's data structure including pulling data from existing systems, and use powerful analytics to make decisions in real time.

What you create in Pega is exactly what your users will see on any device. Responsive design automatically adjusts for desktop, tablet, and mobile screens. You can even generate a branded mobile app and push it directly to your users.

Pega 7 ensures the apps you build will be scalable and easy to maintain. Project managers use guardrail reports to help enforce best practices. Assets are designed for reuse across business lines, geographies, and channels. Letting your applications grow and scale to meet the needs of your business, either on the Cloud, or in your own data centers.

Simple, visual, powerful, fast. That's how leading global companies are transforming their businesses with applications built on the Pega 7 platform. Our world is constantly changing, only Pega lets you build for change.


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