Cornèr Banca: Providing Customers With Effective Case and Workflow Management with Pega

Cornèr Banca, with headquarters in Lugano, is a Swiss bank employing some 1,000 people. In addition to private banking, issuing credit cards is one of the core business activities of Cornèr Banca. It was the first Swiss bank to offer Visa cards, and it was a leader in introducing prepaid cards. Unlike most major banks, Cornèr Banca does not maintain a large network of branch offices, and cards are even offered to customers who do not have a bank account. In 2009, to optimize operations for distributing and managing credit cards, the bank decided that its IT systems should be managed through processes. This called for a comprehensive transformation project, which had an impact on about 80 percent of the applications running at Cornèr Banca – these needed to be adapted and, in some cases, reprogramming was necessary.