Coca-Cola Refreshments: Connected to Their Remote Workforce

Pega Mobility helped CCR take a strategic enterprise approach to mobility enabling its merchandisers and managers to run a real-time event-driven business. In the process, it realized the dividends of increased productivity, cost savings and real-time responsiveness imperative to CCR. ƒ

  • Better Business Intelligence – Data coming back in real time offers CCR management high visibility into field activities and effectiveness of resources for real-time operational intelligence. ƒ
  • Improved Agility & Efficiency – CCR is seeing a significant reduction in travel trips for merchandisers. Management can also more deftly adjust to schedule changes dynamically by reallocating resources on demand enabling greater synergy throughout the supply chain. ƒ 
  • Productivity – Management can now measure performance and is more reactive and proactive in addressing any issues.